Data Anchoring and Signature
on Bitcoin

The power of Bitcoin blockchain
to secure your data

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Anchor your data into the Bitcoin blockchain to create a universal and interoperable timestamped proof of existence.

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Sign your data and anchor your signatures into the Bitcoin blockchain to prove the authenticity of your data.

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Secure internal and external workflows. Thanks to the Woleet API, enhance your information system easily with minimum integration effort.

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Why choose Woleet?

Woleet gives the opportunity to leverage the power of Bitcoin applied to data security. Our SaaS platform provides data timestamping/anchoring and digital signing features, with the following properties:


Our team has a solid experience building secure and highly available SaaS solutions. The Woleet platform is built to support high volume without loosing a single request.


The Woleet platform can anchor millions of data daily into the Bitcoin blockchain with a minimum delay of one hour.

Secure, Confidential

You don't need to get bitcoins to use the Woleet platform. For data anchoring, we only receive the hash of your data so you can keep it entirely confidential. For data signature, you keep the full control of your private keys.


Woleet provides a REST API easy to integrate in any external application. The API exposes only adhoc operations masking underlying complexity