Woleet leverage the immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain to secure your data in a simple way.

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Data anchoring

Data anchoring on bitcoin (DAB) consists in using the properties of immutability, resilience and resistance to censorship of Bitcoin to link any kind of digital data to a bitcoin transaction, in a secure and persistent way. This process generates a digital proof that a given piece of data existed at a specific time, verifiable without any third party.

Woleet facilitates this operation either by using the web interface or the REST API for direct integration with any information system

Digital Signature

By using Bitcoin signature scheme, Woleet offers the possibility to authentify data anchored in the blockchain.

This system differs from classic signature schemes involving certificates, by simply using Bitcoin addresses. Multiple signers are identified by a public key they control with their own secure hardware wallet for maximum security.


Woleet uses the Bitcoin blockchain to anchor data. This choice is led by our will to base data anchoring on the most battle-tested and secure public blockchain available. Bitcoin is the product of 8 years of intensive research and development done by the finest researchers around the world. Bitcoin had seen important investment on its infrastructure wich is mature enough to consider deploying applications in production.

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The format used by Woleet for anchors is Chainpoint, a protocol created in August 2015 by Wayne Vaughan, Jason Bukowski, Shawn Wilkinson. Chainpoint can handle a large amount of timestamps, allowing more scalability to this particular use case. The principle is to build Merkle trees containing multiple hashes and post the root of the tree in a Bitcoin transaction.

Chainpoint is an open source blockchain proof format which is interoperable with any compatible system. With this format, the proofs stay usable even if Woleet disappears.

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Woleet API

In order to facilitate integration with external information systems, Woleet provides a very easy to use and well documented REST API. This API being defined as a Swagger, you can generate client code for any popular programming language.

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