Guarantee of Data Confidentiality

One of the great features of the Woleet platform is its ability to guarantee 100% data confidentiality for clients, but how is this made possible?

What Legal Value ?

The eIDAS Regulation: Guaranteed legality and mutual recognition of electronic signatures throughout Europe

How to Create Your Account?

To create an account and perform an electronic signature, simply follow the steps below:

Use Cases of Woleet

Woleet enables securing data flows by facilitating the creation of binding and verifiable evidence without any intermediary.

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How to Create Electronic Seals?

The server seal technology offered by Woleet involves the notion of identity.

Web 3.0 for Business

The term Web 3.0 has recently become a hot topic of discussion. What is it exactly?

The Woleet Sign audit trail

It helps strengthen the strength of the evidence and provides more details about the history of events that led to the signatures.

Woleet Sign : Vidéo

Discover Woleet's features through this video, guiding you step by step in the optimal use of our platform.

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How does Woleet use Bitcoin?

Woleet Sign uses Bitcoin to ensure the integrity and authenticity of digital signatures.

Woleet and Politics

Lorient Agglomeration is experimenting with Woleet to ensure the traceability of the convocation of elected officials to community sessions.

What is Woleet?

French company allowing timestamping and authentication of documents or any digital information.