Woleet timestamping

Timestamp your documents

Obtain globally verifiable proof of existence. Using blockchain as a source of global time ensures timeless timestamping.

  • Reliability:
    Continuous Availability. Data Confidentiality. Maximum Security

  • Compliance:
    Enhanced Security. Legal Compliance. Data Integrity

  • Efficiency:
    User-Friendly. Time Saving. Enhanced Efficiency

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Fast API Integration

Without any blockchain knowledge, our user-friendly tools allow you to protect your data and documents extremely quickly.

100% Confidential

Creating a Bitcoin electronic seal does not involve uploading your sensitive documents. You avoid any leakage of critical data.


Your Bitcoin electronic seals are protected forever and without any dependency on our tools. You remain the sole owner of your seals, which have an infinite lifespan.

Legal Proof

Bitcoin electronic seals meet the requirements of the majority of global regulations regarding electronic signatures. They constitute admissible evidence usable in courts.

Unlimited Usage

The Bitcoin electronic seal can be implemented without modifying your existing information systems and applies to data of any type and size.


No matter the number of documents you need to secure with server seals, our tools will help you achieve your security goals without restriction.

Woleet Sign

Protect Your Sensitive Documents

  • Secure your data using our timestamping service.

  • Receive verifiable proof of integrity at each step.

Simplified Timestamping

Secure sensitive documents through Bitcoin timestamping for independently verifiable proof of integrity.

International Evidence

Long-term interoperability, compliance with international laws for digital evidence.

Reduce Your Costs

Manage proof volumes, timestamp more, achieve significant savings in your operations.


Woleet's timestamp integrity ensures absolute trust in your secure transactions.

Everything in One Place

All information gathered in one place

Intuitive Dashboard

Woleet makes secure management easy with its intuitive dashboard.

Effortless Integration

Woleet ensures effortless integration for a seamless experience.


Real-time tracking enhances the security of your transactions.

Woleet Timestamping: Provider
of Digital Truth

Woleet is revolutionizing the security of professional data by simplifying certification processes through timestamping via the Bitcoin protocol, eliminating costs, and enhancing the reliability of evidence.


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Easy Integration

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Facilitate the transfer and synchronization of data between Woleet and different applications, eliminating risks of inconsistencies and repeated entries.

  • Simplified Integration.

  • Accuracy and Consistency.

  • Time Saving.

  • Reliability and Security.

Simple, Secure, and Intuitive

Woleet stands out for its ease of use, enhanced security, and intuitive interface, providing a smooth and reliable user experience in electronic signature management.

Unrestricted Signing

Woleet enables signing of all types of documents, regardless of their size or format, providing complete flexibility in the electronic signature process.

Confidentiality of Your Documents

We ensure complete confidentiality by refusing to collect information and data from your documents, preserving and guaranteeing maximum security.