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Keep your documents confidential and maintain complete traceability of your actions.

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Total Confidentiality

Your company is the sole owner of its files.

Uninterrupted Access

We guarantee up to 99.99% availability of our services.

Designed for Volume

Your company can timestamp up to 1000 files per second.

Essential Protection

Our platform complies with regulations such as GDPR and eIDAS.

Our Tools

Fully Compliant Electronic Signature.

Accelerate your contractual flows by generating legally valid signature proofs while preserving their confidentiality.

Advantages Over Our Competitors
  • Maintain control over the confidentiality of your documents.

  • Save time on every signature.

  • Sign any type of document, regardless of size or format.

  • Easy to use.

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100% Confidential Timestamps.

Create easily irrefutable proofs of integrity for all your documents or digital data without compromising your confidentiality.

Advantages Over Our Competitors
  • 100% Confidential, your documents never transit through us.

  • Universal independence and interoperability.

  • Lifetime proofs. Thanks to the blockchain, you have no dependency on our systems.

  • Easily integrable with all your tools.

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An API combining simplicity and performance

Integrate into your system a tool for authenticating and contracting your files. Simple and quick to set up, it will adapt to your systems.

  • Enhanced security for your data and documents thanks to blockchain technology.

  • Easy integration allowing your teams to start quickly.

  • By choosing Woleet, you ensure the legal compliance of your electronic signature and timestamping processes.

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Easy Integration

Go Further with Our Connectors.

Facilitate the transfer and synchronization of data between Woleet and various applications, thereby eliminating the risks of inconsistencies and repeated entries.

  • Simplified Integration.

  • Precision and Consistency.

  • Time Saving.

  • Reliability and Security.

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Add an extra layer of security to your files by easily integrating a signature or timestamping, without the need for downloads and while preserving the total confidentiality of your data.

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